Disparti Law Group


SITUATION: Attorney Larry Disparti is a dynamic personality and power player in Chicago, IL – one of the most competitive markets in the legal industry.  The only thing that could slow down his fast driving business would be a marketing plan that doesn’t capture the essence of his brand or his unique personality.  Unfortunately, that was the case.


SOLUTION: Together, with Disparti Law Group, we developed a brand that exemplifies who Larry is and what his firm stands for which is exactly what the people of Chicago want – a winner.   As the “The Chicago Winner” we brought #LarryWins to life across all marketing platforms with standout design and a consistent and meaningful message.



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Graphic Design

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“Patrick Marketing, in just two short years, has revamped my law firm’s brand into one of the most recognizable and impactful brands in Chicago.  In fact, the results have been so dramatic that other law firms have approached me to learn my secret.  Should I tell them?”


Attorney Larry Disparti

Owner & Founder Disparti Law Group